How to market your business .. Step by step

This article contains clear and specific points on how to work on marketing your business through marketing tactics and provide ideas and plans that you can try to apply to your own business, and through these details and steps can help you to reach professionalism in making a successful marketing plan.

Steps that will help you market your project:


– Make a list of competitive and alternative services (find competitors).

– Collect competitor data by:

Get their website link.

See how competitors use their logos.

Evaluate prices and business models.

Collect their blog links.

Collect social media links for the site and staff.

– Subscribe to RSS feeds of your competitors’ blogs.

– Follow your competitors and their bosses to work on social networking sites.

– Set up alerts and notifications of google news of competitors.

– Set up site alerts for competitors.

– Subscribe to newsletters, magazines, shops etc.

Customers and Clients:

– Look for people close to you, show them your idea and get their views on them, they may become your customers in the future.

– Participate in meetings and conferences talking about your field and your target business, it is useful to increase your awareness and knowledge and experience.

– Meet a businessman who has a similar product or competitor.

– Let your family members try the product.

– Connect with your social media followers and ask them to try your product.

– Ask customers for their direct feedback.

– Post photos and videos illustrating product use.

– Plan an email campaign, through which:

* Prepare a list of 30 email addresses for the target customers.

* Send three emails for 10 days.

 * Find more possibilities and renew your campaign every month.

Public relations:

– Create a list of technology and industry websites.

– Create a list of newspapers and small shops and try to reach them.

– Create a list of local bloggers and journalists in your industry.

– Find lists of similar products.

– Ask to add or leave a comment about your product.

– Be a guest on other blogs and share your opinion.

– Join forums related to your area and participate in their work and activities.

Your own site:

– Prepare a name for the site and prepare a logo well.

– Set up your own site

– Create a corner describing your site and its goal and a corner for communication and inquiry.

– Create a page that shows the prices, and here we provide excerpts for distinctive ideas:

* Free and discounted offers for the first visitors.

* Place an experimental product category.

* 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

* Make your product unique and rare for a strong start.

* Add links to your site’s social media pages.


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