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How to choose the right influencers

Always working with precise strategic plans and ideas contributes essentially to the success of any project, so in our articles, we are always keen to provide the best ideas, plans and information related to the world of digital marketing, and to provide you with the top successful strategies in communicating with influencers.

Influencers are people like you and me, their email box is full of spam and a large number of requests. So no wonder they rarely respond to those messages!

Therefore, many often fail to communicate with influencers.

Successful communication strategies with influencers:

1. Set your goals

It is difficult to do this if you do not clearly define your goals. In fact, how can you be sure what an influencer should do, if you don’t know what you want to achieve?

The first step when communicating with influencers is to decide what you want to achieve with influencer help.

Targets may include, for example:

Increase traffic to your site

Promote a new product

Brand awareness

Generate sales (such as commission marketing or promotions)

Break into a new market

Increase followers on social networks

Customer retention

In addition, knowing your goals is vital to know how to measure the success of your efforts, which will help you decide how to be more effective in marketing across influencers in the future.

2. Choose the right influencers

Now that you know what you want to achieve, you need to identify influencers who:

They reach your target market.

They can help you achieve the goals you have set.

Start by studying the demographics of influencers. Is it the same as the audience you serve and want to target? Or is it a new formula you want to consider?

Then look at how these influencers interact with their audience and what kind of content they create.

Do they make videos on YouTube?

Do they post on Instagram?

Do they broadcast live on Facebook?

Or do they post articles on LinkedIn?

The social media platforms they use, and the type of content they provide will greatly influence your decision. If they use platforms that are not used by the audience you want to target, or create content in formats that you don’t like, they won’t be effective.

3. Look for influencers

After determining which influencers you want to communicate with, you should be prepared to spend a lot of time searching thoroughly for each of them.

Search in great detail, as this can help you determine what is important to them and also help you determine the best way to contact them.

Important characteristics to be aware of when selecting influencers

  • The influencers are reliable leaders in their field, able to make their community interact with them and provide them with useful knowledge and correct guidance.
  • Start by studying their files on social media.
  • Check their workflow, photos, videos and recent posts.
  • Check out their websites.
  • Spend some time getting used to the style of their content.
  • Take a look at their community as well. What kind of followers do they have? How does their community interact with them? Even if they have a small community, if they are loved and have a strong influence on their (your target) society, they may deserve the time you spend to get closer to them.
  • On the other hand, if they have a huge number of followers but their community interacts with them very little, they may not have any real impact on their audience, and may not deserve your time.

The process of communicating with influencers is important, and these steps are your keys to successful communication with them.


Using influencer marketing is a smart strategy given the rapid growth of social media channels.


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