How does Blockchain affect digital marketing

You may have heard about Blockchain? But what we are sure of is your ability to see the huge impact that technology can have on digital marketing and advertising, and indeed on our lives. And how Blockchain’s impact on digital marketing is becoming clear.

If you’ve heard of Bitcoin, you probably have heard of the blockchain, a technology that enables Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to exist and work.
This technology is expected to disrupt many industries and businesses because it will allow users to conduct transactions without intermediary in a safe and transparent manner.

Among the industries that can be affected are: car sales, voting, real estate, insurance, sports management, loyalty cards and weapons tracking.

Although the marketing industry is not as prevalent as the industries mentioned above, it is likely to be affected by the chain of blocks.

If Bitcoin is adopted by large companies such as Amazon or Walmart, it will certainly have an impact on the future of forms of payment between marketing agencies, website owners, advertisers and others, and contracts will also be affected, as long as the blockchain can be more transparent and accurate, all of which will also lead to The Effect of Blockchain on Digital Marketing.
What is a blockchain?
This is a good definition of the block series provided by “Don and Alex Tapscott”, who wrote the 2016 book called The Blockchain Revolution:

A series of blocks is a digital book of non-detachable economic transactions that can be programmed to record not only financial transactions but almost everything of value.
The Effect of Blockchain on Digital Marketing
In digital marketing, many dominant players, such as Google and Facebook, link advertisers to site owners.For example, Google is a central authority in software advertising, helping advertisers to display ads on sites across their Google Display Network.

Google is also an intermediary that helps advertisers and site owners trust each other.

If they trust each other in advance, they will not need Google as an intermediary that takes part of their profits.
The blockchain, which ensures that all users are 100% real and that the site owner only charges the advertiser for real clicks on his site.

The site owner and advertiser will not need a broker to oversee their agreement, which will save them money.

In other words, the blockchain poses a major threat to Google’s display network revenue.


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