Instagram Marketing

Instagram marketing is one of the most important electronic marketing methods that a person can follow if they want to promote their company and products,

Due to the importance of Instagram,

Given the large number of users who use it permanently and Instagram is a fertile environment for companies and sites wishing to reach the target group,

But for Instagram marketing to work, it has to be marketed on a specific basis,

The user should be familiar with the word of how the Instagram website works.

It should also be able to deliver an ad to the target segment in the shortest way.

In order to benefit from Instagram marketing you must first create an electronic store (trading account) on Instagram because the establishment of an electronic store on Instagram will give you the opportunity to get a range of features, including these features:

  • The possibility of uploading a large number of multimedia files on the site.
  • Displays the ads displayed by your online store to all followers in the stories for a whole day.
  • Instagram provides your online store with many ways to create paid marketing campaigns to increase customer numbers and sales.
  • The app allows you to link your account with other social media accounts.

How to market thru Instagram:

In order to market via Instagram, you must first create an Instagram account,

Then you have to transfer the account to a trading account and then promotional campaigns for your account so that it has a good number of followers to start then create content

Where you should be able to create distinctive content and exclusive pulls followers to follow your account continuously

You should also carefully choose when to download content

You should work to target the category that is interested in this content, for example if you publish content related to cosmetics should target women, because men will not care about your publications in this area.

Make sure your account continues to grow

In order to be able to increase the interaction and reach of the product to the largest segment

Also, make sure to interact with your followers, and respond to all their inquiries, and respond to their suggestions and take their advice and suggestions

The importance of Instagram marketing:

Contributes to increasing the number of corporate customers, helping them to spread around the world and reach new markets.

  • Help increase sales because users will be able to purchase through the site.
  • Instagram helps companies display their products in new and distinctive ways.
  • Makes companies closer to their customers, thus being able to avoid defects in their products, offering products that satisfy their customers.
  • It helps businesses reach customers in their area.

Tips for making a good advertisement on Instagram:

  • You should choose a featured image or a beautiful video that can attract viewers.
  • Use filters: you must use it in order to give the images a more professional yet accurate picture.
  • Choose a hashtag: Choose a hashtag attached to all the publications you place during your advertising campaign on Instagram.

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