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Phone Apps Marketing Strategy: How Consumers Find and Use Phone Applications

People download apps every day, but the fact is that many of those apps are abandoned or not even used. New research by Google and the Ipsos Institute shows how people discover and interact with apps and how brands can benefit. Thus successful in designing marketing strategies for phone applications.

Before you enjoy a cup of coffee every morning, you probably opened a phone app to start your day.

Whether to find your way to the meeting, record your fitness routine, or even add a new cost to your weekly budget, one thing is quite clear:

Applications now have become an integral part of our daily lives at every moment, with people spending an average of 30 hours a month using them, according to Nielsen1.

How can brands reach such a wide audience?

Marketing for phone applications

App discovery will not happen simply on the App Store

Marketers may assume that consumers go to the App Store to find new apps, perhaps it’s true that a large part of them do.

In fact, 40% of smartphone users are looking for apps in app stores.

But there is a more common way to find new apps, from gaming news, to tracking your fitness, listening to music, and more. App stores are not the only way to discover apps.

People discover apps in a variety of ways while using a smartphone, whether they interact with an app, search for another app, watch videos on YouTube, or even browse a site on the phone.

Search is a major source for discovering applications.

Discovery of applications through search engines is prevalent, especially for domestic applications, as well as for technology (looking to review new tools, for example) and travel (such as the desire to confirm flight details). In these three categories, 26% (local), 59% (technology), and 30% (travel) of people are more used to search, to find the applications they seek.

Take the initiative: Make your app discoverable by all means, including search

People do not rely on search simply to find new applications.

They actually download apps because of search ads, which are among the most effective ad download formats.

Of those who downloaded apps based on the ads displayed on their smartphone, 50% said they were asked to do so via research ads.

This shift in how consumers find and learn about new applications paves the way for marketers to rethink their brand approach to app discovery.

Search ads not only advertise apps, but also increase app downloads, exposing consumers to their search for apps.

For marketers, this means making sure your app appears where smartphone users search for apps that are relevant to their interests.


‘Make it simple. Make it memorable. Make it inviting to look at.’ – Leo Burnett, on Advertising

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