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In this article, you will learn about Twitter marketing. Twitter is one of the successful examples of e-marketing, a social media tool. on Twitter, they want to use Twitter marketing as an effective tool in the brands and companies that integrate job in marketing today, brands prefer social networking tools, and their followers and numbers predicted as a way successful in terms of brand awareness and marketing communication, Waltz services Coordination through social networking sites important to reach your target audience. Hundreds of thousands of companies, even large and small, are engaged in creating a fan base on social media channels. For Twitter, the site has attracted fast-growing interest over the past five years and has become one of the focal points of e-marketing because of its crowded audience. 400 million users, 250 million users instantly 250 million users in one platform.

 The process of electronic marketing through Twitter:

 Twitter is the most successful micro-blogging site with 26 million active users and a market capitalization of about $ 28 billion. Twitter is a platform where you can share your audience with your followers you know, by writing 140-character limited posts, as such, marketing activities began That began to shift to social media has long been to reshape on Twitter.

To answer a question about how we use Twitter in e-marketing and as a marketing tool we have identified the points you need:

Paid ads

You can set your audience through the Twitter database, create a follow-up audience, and use that audience effectively in your brand ads, of course, you’ll have to open a small portion of the bag so you can do that. If you don’t have a large budget, you won’t be able to focus on paid ads, Instead, you’ll have to create a self-monitored audience. To do this, you can first follow a brand or business image, identify websites and forums, and get users interested in your area of ​​interest. You should also take some precautions against counterfeit users viewed with Frequent format on Twitter.

Encourage followers

Encourage your followers to share your posts with others on Twitter, and interesting dialogs in the form of Q&A will help you succeed. You can include user feedback about your brand or product, or you can send your followers to participate, by organizing simple contests, you can give little winners Of gifts, so you can expand your audience.


You can share the content of other people or businesses, who have similar followers to your audience by identifying content that they may want to share with their followers in line with their policies, we can say that there are hundreds of people who offer posting services in Webmaster Forums, and with So, as mentioned in the previous paragraph, we should make sure that the followers are regular members, make sure you know who added or participated in your posts. In return, you can follow them or you can add them to your favorites as a post. In fact, some companies are now retweeting all tweets for themselves and boosting credibility. If you want to expand your audience, you can also retweet and expand your favorite posts.

Don’t be afraid of criticism

When you start communicating well, the result will be positive. Make sure not to leave questions and suggestions about your product, service or business unresponsive. Do not leave unanswered questions from the public who respond to the largest share of comments on Twitter in terms of marketing communications.

Do not target persistent ads:

Most of your posts are directed to the ad, so stay away from your efforts to use your tweets directly as a sales tool, for example, if you send 10 tweets per day, 9 of them can be regular and 1 can be for media, you don’t need to overestimate The number, therefore, if you want to use Twitter in e-marketing, you must first learn the techniques that attract the audience, marketing activities will increase your brand awareness and expand your target audience.

Interest in communicating with the public in writing style:

The way you write a lot of brands is one-dimensional. Their tweets are basically just a radio, and that’s not what Twitter is about, your tweets shouldn’t consist of just news headlines with a link, inspiring quotes or funny phrases, you should open the door to communication and conversation.

 In the end, you should know that any marketing strategy is not complete without the measurable goals you want to achieve, without the goals and milestones, you will make the same mistakes that many small businesses do on social networks and marketers when it comes to media marketing. Many amazing companies have no idea whether social media efforts work or not. One big reason is that companies are not tracking their activity, and have not set any kind of goals for what they want to achieve from their e-marketing operations on Twitter.


Achieving brand loyalty comes easy with proper digital marketing.

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