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In this article, you will learn about Twitter marketing. Twitter is one of the successful examples of e-marketing, a social media tool. on Twitter, they want to use Twitter marketing as an effective tool in the brands and companies that integrate job in marketing today, brands prefer social networking tools, and their followers and numbers […]

We’ve dedicated this article to the most important metrics to measure user engagement on social networks Audience growth rate: Audience growth is one of the most important metrics to measure user engagement on social media, Through this measure, the company can see how many followers, And you can increase your audience’s growth rate by monitoring […]

What are the SEO services? It is a set of services that contribute to the development of websites, and raise the value, and the control of these services is one of the most important factors that contribute to the success of sites and improve their visibility in search engines. SEO is defined as the science […]

Web design is constantly evolving. This development is the result of a scientific and intelligent approach to follow-up and scrutiny of what users and visitors prefer and how they interact with them. In this article we review some important ideas about the design of the site according to the user experience, to know more about […]

If you want to win your content creation bet and surpass your competitors in search and spread results, you’ll need to keep up with the latest trends in today’s world, and one of the most important of these trends is to move towards the world of videos. With the increasing use of smart devices and […]

People download apps every day, but the fact is that many of those apps are abandoned or not even used. New research by Google and the Ipsos Institute shows how people discover and interact with apps and how brands can benefit. Thus successful in designing marketing strategies for phone applications. Before you enjoy a cup […]

Instagram marketing is one of the most important electronic marketing methods that a person can follow if they want to promote their company and products, Due to the importance of Instagram, Given the large number of users who use it permanently and Instagram is a fertile environment for companies and sites wishing to reach the […]

You may have heard about Blockchain? But what we are sure of is your ability to see the huge impact that technology can have on digital marketing and advertising, and indeed on our lives. And how Blockchain’s impact on digital marketing is becoming clear. If you’ve heard of Bitcoin, you probably have heard of the […]

Always working with precise strategic plans and ideas contributes essentially to the success of any project, so in our articles, we are always keen to provide the best ideas, plans and information related to the world of digital marketing, and to provide you with the top successful strategies in communicating with influencers. Influencers are people […]

This article contains clear and specific points on how to work on marketing your business through marketing tactics and provide ideas and plans that you can try to apply to your own business, and through these details and steps can help you to reach professionalism in making a successful marketing plan. Steps that will help […]